Viewer Preference Manager

Viewer Preference Manager is derived from the integration of Digital TV Platform’s Subscriber Management System with our User Viewing Preferences Manager. This creates an integrated portal where a user can manage both his Account Details and Viewing Preferences. The Viewer Preference Manager gives users a way to track their favorite programs, construct personalized TV calendars and TV viewing plans with features like Search, TV Guides, Set Reminders, Set Remote Recording, Follow Favorites (Programs, Channels) as well as Preview and Sample Channels and Programs.

Value Proposition for Platform:  

  • Generate and mine the insights into viewer’s likes & preferences  at a subscriber level to help improve :
    • Pack & Tariff Plan Structuring
    • Content Negotiation & Acquisition
    • Subscriber Engagement

Value Proposition for Consumers:

  • Easy access to Account Details and Transactions
  • Personalized Daily TV Plans and Watchlists
  • Simplified Content Discovery
  • Content Sampling via Rich Media Content
  • Essential Value-Added Features like Alerts, Recommendations

Where can the solution be deployed?

Our model is compatible with all connected platforms, devices and apps. It can be deployed via online portals like websites, mobile portals, social networking platforms, etc. And also on Mobile, Tablets and Smart TVs as integrated apps (compatible on all operating systems).