TV Listings Content Syndication


Introduction to What’s On’s TV Listings Content Syndication

We are committed to providing TV Listings and EPG solutions to the very highest standards.

We can deal with all aspects concerning the creation of EPGs, from the development of the software to the formatting and complete delivery of data and services.

Our sophisticated database of program and channel information allows us to deliver any TV channel or Video-On-Demand (VOD) library in any format from a single, trusted, source.

Content Delivery 

The database is created and managed by experienced in-house teams. All information is delivered electronically in the precise content format that clients require, eliminating the need for checking, rewriting or updating.

What’s On can deliver the files in any data format the most common being de-limited or XML files.

Quality Control

What’s On handles the communication between TV channels and the broadcast companies. Gathering all necessary information from the channels and delivering it to the Platform Company’s EPG. The Platform Company in this case could be in the space of IPTV, DTH, Cable, Mobile or Online.

Our Quality process ensures that all information is checked before being passed to the Platform Company, to maintain the highest possible standards for our listings data.

Our aim is continuous quality improvement; tracking any errors and eliminating the causes to improve our processes and therefore future listings data for all our customers.

Round-The-Clock Solution

What’s On can handle the collection, collation and quality assurance of the information. We do all the formatting, handle the technical issues, feed the EPG to meet every deadline and have dedicated staff to deal with all updates and amendments around the clock, 365-days-a-year.

As soon as any channel makes changes, we update the EPG and our experienced editorial staff ensure that the changes are to the highest accuracy.

Search Software, Navigation Certification

When it comes to the software you need for your Set-Top-Box EPG, What’s On can provide multiple solutions. We have undertaken certification assignments for Set-Top-Box (STB) Navigation. Our partners can provide thin-clients for your Set-Top-Boxes (STB) that could dramatically help the Content Search through the Remote Control. Lastly, if you have STBs that can handle stills, promotional clips, metadata, Web-links and interactive capabilities – we can deliver all of these from one integrated database, to the same high standards.