Television Street Maps (TSM), is a division of What’s On India (WOI) which monitors country-wide TV channels’ availability and placement. With a strong and reliable network of field teams and a chain of reference homes TSM captures distribution data on Analogue and Digital platforms. TSM’s coverage currently stands at 2,400+ Operators in 1,700 towns and cities across India. The monitoring service includes weekly placement and connectivity reports to Clients. This makes it the largest coverage for this kind of data in the country.

Due to the introduction of the DAS regime by the Government and the dramatic effect this is having on the Distribution end, Channel’s placement and availability have become critical to the health of all Broadcasters’ businesses.

Being aware of this far-reaching and widespread impact, TSM is committed to aggressively increase our footprint by 40% before the year-end (Headends and Cities) including the key Less than Class1 (LC1) Markets.

Service Offerings:


  • Mapping: Weekly Placement reports of channels (and competitors) by frequency / band for each head-end
  • Vicinity:Details of channels placed adjacent to our Client’s channel on each head-end’s channel lineup (+2,-2)
  • Connectivity: Weighted availability of the channel
  • Snapshot of the channel’s reach at the household level at various bands across territories

Digital Pack Track:

  • Pack Updates: Pack comparison of your channel vis-à-vis competition across Digital MSOs
  • Channel Availability: Base Pack vs Add-on pack vs A-la-carte
  • Pricing: Base Pack vs Add On pack vs A-la-carte
  • Ground Info: Change of packs, Price, Availability etc

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