Pack Builder

The Pack Builder links the Viewer Preferences to the Digital TV Platform’s channels and packs to identify for both the platform and the user, the gaps within a viewer’s subscription and his preferences. In this module, viewers can use a set of wizard screens to compare and choose packs or create their own custom packs.

The packs and a-la-carte channels are listed in an intelligent and intuitive manner for user convenience. The Pack Builder gives users the ability to combine packs and a-la-carte channels along with a unique way to preview a channel before buying it.

Value Proposition for Platform:  

  • Comparative representation of channels and packs to motivate upgradation Effective way to highlight new channels, popular packs, upcoming subscription schemes

Value Proposition for Consumers:

  • Simple, intuitive way to evaluate, select and create customized packs
  • Previews & Top programs facilitate decision-making in an engaging manner

Where can the solution be deployed?

Our model is compatible with all connected platforms, devices and apps. It can be deployed via online portals like websites, mobile portals, social networking platforms, etc. And also on Mobile, Tablets and Smart TVs as integrated apps (compatible on all operating systems).