ARPU Enhancer

This module is designed to enhance ARPU through up-sell, cross-sell, upgrades and top-ups for individual users. This module increases subscription of individual channels and add-ons through Targeted Personalized recommendations. The recommendation engine runs a specialized algorithm that intelligently computes channels that are not subscribed by the user but still have extremely high relevance for them.

The module generates personalized program and channel recommendations based on various parameters that lead to channel subscriptions. In addition it also incorporates wisdom of the crowd to make the recommendations sharper. It also seamlessly integrates social network activities of friends to create recommendations.

The ARPU enhancer uses personalized recommendations using various methods to generate multiple ‘reasons to buy’ for a certain pack / channel.

Value Proposition for Platforms:

  • Personalization recommendation instead of ineffective carpet bombing of schemes and plans
  • Encourage a-la-carte channel, VOD / PPV sales
  • Personalized push marketing via mailers & SMS
  • Automates revenue enhancement at a daily one-to-one level without any scheme / campaign

Value Proposition for Consumers:

  • Improved Content Discovery based on individual preferences
  • Better understanding of platforms’ channels and pack offerings
  • Higher engagement due to highly relevant personalized recommendation

Where can the solution be deployed?

Our model is compatible with all connected platforms, devices and apps. It can be deployed via online portals like websites, mobile portals, social networking platforms, etc. And also on Mobile, Tablets and Smart TVs as integrated apps (compatible on all operating systems).