TV Guide for 500+ Indian TV Channels! With thousands of TV shows, movies, matches, events and programs on Television every week across hundreds of channels, it’s a mean task to keep a tab on those that you want to watch. What’s-On, the TV industry’s official TV Guidance & EPG company, with direct access to all leading TV Networks and Channels, now offers an all new TV channel guide app on windows which will make TV Program Search a much simpler and pleasant experience.

The app features a neatly organized set of buttons to get you to the best movies, sports matches, TV shows and events happening on TV. Plus you can save and track your favorite shows and channels. This app puts at your fingertips a comprehensive program guide with the date, time, star cast and synopsis of your favorite programs and movie schedules, available on your windows devices.

What makes this app very special is that its built by What’s-On, the TV industry’s official TV Guidance & EPG company, with direct access and partnerships with all leading TV Networks and Channels. No wonder that we were rated by Forbes magazine in the top new ventures to watch out for in 2010.

Our App Features :

- More than 500 Channels

- 7 days forward schedules for all channels

- Program details and synopsis

- Powerful cloud-powered search

- Trending Programs

- Videos

- Programs and Premiers

- Reminders & Alerts

- Favorites

- What’s On proprietary WO-Ratings

- Classifications include genres, actors, subgenres, language

- Editor’s Picks

- Movie Wall

- Exclusive sections directly powered by major TV channels and networks

Set Reminders or mark your Favorite programs, track the weeks special airings or go with the Editor’s Pick, covering all major languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Kannada, etc.